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Portal was born from my own life experience. I am a mother of two young boys; and the experience of being pregnant, birthing, parenting and being in a relationship – all led me back to one thing: being more connected to me, understanding my context and learning to read myself. Everything came full circle and all the dots connected. 

So often we become parents or enter relationships, and have these moments where we reflect on our past. Where we swear that we’ll ‘be different’ or ‘do different’, but struggle to override those automatic responses. 

I’ve always wanted to know why we are the way we are, and held a deep interest in how our upbringing affects us. What are the things that mould us?
Are we really a certain type of way, or were we just conditioned a certain way? 

The way I experienced life and interacted with the people around me, was a reflection of the extent to which I was both connected, and the areas that I was disconnected from myself. 

All of these experiences reflected parts of myself back to me, and created this space for me to learn everything I could in order to take full responsibility for the way I was shaping my children’s lives. It also offered me the opportunity to connect with my intuition and gifts in the most beautiful way possible. Our upbringing affects our relationship with ourselves, which in turn modifies our ability to listen to our intuition and trust ourselves. In turn, this affects our pregnancies and our births, and therefore the way we parent and engage in relationships with others. 

I am a trauma informed coach, and my background is in understanding this through the lens of neurobiology, and studying children’s mental and emotional development. I bring Portal to you as a collection of my life’s work and learning thus far. Through this process, my own personal work and evolution is deeply important to me. I acknowledge that I have been to places where you want to go (and that I would love to take you), while knowing that I am also on my own continuous journey. I weave in my passions for intuition, holistic health, traditional and ancient medicines into understanding how the mind and body are one: we cannot separate the two. Our physical and emotional experiences in this life are connected. 

I bring Portal to you as a holistic way of understanding yourself, your children and others as well as your physical body and health in conjunction with your emotional health. The Western lens of wellness has a very narrow look on what it means to be ‘healthy’ and ‘well’, and I take great honour in taking you on this journey to get the widest spectrum of ‘wellness’ to you. This personal work on myself has impacted my growth as a woman, mother, lover, and human. It is fundamental to me becoming the kind of space holder for others healing that I wish to be - a bridge where you can find yourself again too. 

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