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Say bye to instagram parenting tips, and hello to embodying knowledge! A parenting course where things are made easy by understanding how a child thinks and forms, so that you know exactly what to do and how to respond to them. This is where the instagram tips come from!  When we can grasp the foundations and basics, it’s not about wondering if you’re wording something right, and being confused if you’re doing the parenting thing “properly”. It’s knowing how they are processing what’s happening, how it’s shaping them and making your responses and interventions EASY because it’s glaringly obvious. 

And we couldn't do this course without seeing where some of your patterning and parenting blindspots are!


Parenting and raising children is something that no one wants to stuff up. In this Portal, we’re going to delve into developmentally appropriate ways to parent in order to avoid causing trauma, learning mental and emotional development stages, what the important things to focus on are, how to repair our relationship with them when we act out of alignment, and understanding what each phase brings from a neurobiological standpoint. This will give you everything you need to form secure attachment with your children, provide practical advice and tips, as well as explore all of the intricacies involved in being a parent. 


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“Absolute game changer for me and my family!! I had no idea about so many of the things to do with child development. Thank you!” 


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