Parenting and raising children is something that no one wants to stuff up. In this Portal, we’re going to delve into developmentally appropriate ways to parent in order to avoid causing trauma, learning mental and emotional development stages, what the important things to focus on are, how to repair our relationship with them when we act out of alignment, and understanding what each phase brings from a neurobiological standpoint. This will give you everything you need to form secure attachment with your children, provide practical advice and tips, as well as explore all of the intricacies involved in being a parent. 

Both birth and parenting are deeply spiritual and transformative rites of passage, which have been minimised by modern society. It is a transformation and initiation that requires deep personal work, reflection and healing. Trauma can happen at any time from the moment we are conceived, and we carry with us trauma from previous generations. Being in the womb is our first experience of having a physical body. When we are the Portal for new life entering, we are given the opportunity to reflect, let go of the baggage we have accumulated, tune into our intuition and alter the way we shape this new soul’s experience. Our parenting journey begins during pregnancy. 

Another important part of parenting we will examine is the fourth trimester, whereby the Mother is supported in prioritising her connection with the baby, rest and nourishment. Through this contribution, we shape the baby. A baby reads their parent’s energy, and adjusts via co-regulation (being regulated by their parent’s nervous system).   

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“Absolute game changer for me and my family!! I had no idea about so many of the things to do with child development. Thank you!”