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Portal Courses are your one stop for detailed foundational knowledge on the topic. They are created from a large variety of sources to bring you the most pivotal and up to date information. Courses will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the topic, present you with tools to implement in your life and give you a fresh new perspective. 

One of my favourite parts about healing is learning – simply learning about how and why something is the way it is, can create some of the most profound shifts! The courses are for those who want to learn as much as they can in one go, and get a well-rounded understanding. 

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This course is created to give you all the building blocks in understanding trauma and how It affects us. Trauma has long term impacts on our mental, emotional and physical health and impacts so many aspects of our lives. Ultimately, we need to turn the lens to ourselves first. 

This is where we cover the neurobiology of trauma. What happens to our brain, body and personality when we experience and adapt to trauma? How do we heal from it, and why do only certain modalities work? How can we raise our children and be developmentally aware so that we don’t cause childhood trauma for them? How can we reflect on our own childhood wounds to better understand our coping mechanisms as adults? 

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Your one stop birthing class. This course will cover everything you need to know about both the physical and emotional aspects of birth.

- Our body was perfectly designed to receive, grow, nourish and birth a baby.

- What happens in your body and to your hormones?

- Why does labour progress the way it does, and what are the key elements at play in our body?

- What is the importance of a natural labour and birth, and how does it affect you and your children life long?

- Labour explanations and tips for the best ways to support natural labour and birth, as well as preparing for the journey of postpartum and planning for parenthood emotionally. 

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