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Pregnancy and birth – the ultimate portal. A life-giving body – where we connect the spirit realm to the physical realm. 

In this section, you’ll learn about all the physical aspects of the physiological labour & birth process, how the body works and why labour and birth are designed a certain way. 
There is the opportunity to delve deeper into the postpartum period, as well as pregnancy. Pregnancy is an occasion to reconnect to our intuition. It sets the foundation for the way we get to know and communicate with our children in a non-verbal way. It allows us to form an unspoken language and trust with one another. 

We cannot avoid the unpredictable nature of birth, it exists in its own realm, on its own time, and asks us to delve into places that we have never been before and be someone that we have rarely embodied before. It is one of those experiences that is completely foreign to us, until we step into its realm. However, we can understand how and why it works, and what environments best facilitate a smooth labour and birth. 

Pregnancy and birth are a much more intimate and spiritual journey than anticipated, and is not just a physical task. The way that we are able to understand, address and undertake the physical side of growing and birthing a baby, as well as the emotional journey that we are tasked to undertake. 

“Birth is like a current: it’s intense and you can’t control it. But – you can align with it”

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“I have so much respect for this whole process now! I can’t believe how much we are misled on all of this stuff”


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