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The ULTIMATE trauma & imprints healing course.


Most people dabble in many different modalities and try lots of things to 'heal', yet they always feel like they're back at square one. Why? Because we lack the ability to see trauma through the lens of a system. We dont realise exactly how it formed, and which parts of the system are affected. Therefore, we struggle to reverse engineer it and understand which tools we require to heal it. There are different tools for different parts of the system.

Here, we breakdown how trauma forms, what happens to the brain, the body and the personality, abnd we break down exactly what to use to heal each part of the system so that we can work out what you individually need (rather than play guessing games based on whats trending at the time, ya feel me?).

We're about TRUE healing here, and covering all the bases. This includes building an internal skillset, and learning how to extract valuable information from our behaviours, patterns, reactions and triggers in order to find our core wounds and process them. 


Week 1 

Setting the foundation for the whole system + finding our INDIVIDUAL foundation. 

This is what will give you insight into what tools you’ll need to use. 

Feeling out what IS trauma, and what ISNT trauma. 


Week 2 

Understanding what trauma is, how it forms, how stagnant and suppressed emotions turn into physical illnesses 

The brain!!! The entire process of the brain, and the parts that matter when it comes to imprints / trauma 


Week 3 

How all of this from the brain / body then starts going into the personality. We see what happens internally and how our system starts to function (Aka what we need to address and get in the middle of). 

We also learn about how the ego, the inner child & the ‘shadow’ form + how they work. 


Week 4 

We start to get familiar with various parts of ourselves that are stored in the right brain / subconscious mind. We figure out what our  outdated coping mechanisms are, and start understanding different facets of ourselves in order to see the patterns (and therefore start to interrupt the pattern + understand WHY it’s there in the first place and WHAT its trying to achieve). 


Week 5 

A deep process of uncovering. This includes: understanding our patterns, processes, cycles, behaviours and core wounds (internal skill set) and how to utilise the people and events in our life to spot them 


Week 6 

Piecing it all together. Which tools go with what part of the whole system, and putting together a clear picture of yourself so that you know which tools will be meant for your individual system. Also includes a live coaching call 

Alchemise: The Whole System

Price Options
One-time purchase
Payment Option 1
3 x $520 Payments
$520.00every month for 3 months
Payment Option 3
13 x $120 Weekly Payments
$120.00every week for 13 weeks
Payment Option 2
2 x Monthly $778
$778.00every month for 2 months
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