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I alwayssss get told "Omg i love your brain!" "i love the way you see and notice patterns"


Welcome to the way i see trauma, imprints and the patterns that come from them! 


I cover: 

- how i approach physical symptoms from an emotional level, and a behaviour pattern level

- how i use the body to let me know whats going on (in myself and in others) emotionally 

- why people get stuck in repeated cycles where things feel shit

- how a client's anxiety was actually their body HELPING them, and why depression and anxiety always come hand in hand

- where i see people road block themselves from healing, and how to actually go in to the 'trauma healing' journey in a way that is going to produce massive results and not just lead to "how do i get rid of this" and "what do i do now" 


^ You'll never get generic answers from me that you'll see on pages on social media. This is straight to the juice, perspective shifting and thought provoking. We do nothing less than that over here ;) 

Inside My Brain: Trauma Edition

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$44.00every week for 2 weeks
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