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Our imprints and patterns are revealed in our MONEY stuff. You think it’s a ‘money’ thing.. but we’re simply experiencing a personal pattern, just THROUGH money. It has nothing to do with money itself, so we need to address where / how the imprint pattern is coming through. And voila.. your bank account benefits 🤑 


People are obsessed with “healing” things 

‘How do I heal this, how do I clear that, how do we fix it’ 


Bby girlllll the answer is WHAT SKILLS DO YOU NEED TO BUILD. Approach something from a smarter perspective. Utilise your skills to get to know your imprint patterns. When you know them, you don’t fall into them. They can’t dictate your life. You can actually use them to your ADVANTAGE🤌🏽 


If you got $10K today, I’m willing to bet you’d spend a chunk of it to alleviate some kind of pressure you feel. Maybe buy some stuff you’ve had your eye on. But you likely wouldn’t have the internal and external skills to turn that into $100K 


Teach a man to fish, and he can feed himself for life as they say 💁🏼‍♀️ that’s what SKILL SETS are for


Instead of playing out the same old patterns on loop with money, it’s going to look like building that relationship as the most solid foundation that underpins everythinggg. 

Instead of trying to manifest / affirmation your way to wealth, or burning yourself out trying every single way / hack of ‘making money’ - the answer is actually to build skills internally (through a thought process, and changing how you relate to money) and externally (actual skills like work, marketing, sales etc) 

Money MasterClass

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