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Get instant access to this FAVOURITE masterclass!

The MasterClass where the interwoven web between imprints I trauma, meets the male / female brain and connects to the embodied parenting approach. Anddd where you get a sample of each of my 3 courses!

Everyone has a brain, which means that we can use how it works - to inform us not only on how to navigate those topics, but to see how they all interplay to create our unique realities.


The PERFECT place to have a stimulating conversation, that's not science-y but completely digestible, with so many take aways that leave you immediately knowing how to navigate situations AND understand these topics deeper.


I can’t wait to blow your mind with how they play out in our lives, and how it all starts with one thing, which is a common thread through them all. It will be held via Zoom on Sunday the 4th of June! (replays available, access for life).

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