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Friday 12th April, 10am AEDT. Via Zoom. Replay will be sent out. 


A masterclass experience like it's never been done before over here at Portal... 

literally unlocking a new portal in yourself. 

It's where the energetics meet the practical. It's where we do all the perspective shifting that we need, to create a whole new paradigm of possibility for ourselves. 


Where we don't skip steps in whats required to 'heal'.. but we also do it in a way where we are improving our lives, and not getting lost in holes. Our external reality changes alongside our internal reality. 


We don't get stuck in the cycles of learning more, we know that our work is in creating shifts and allowing them to build the skills that we use to influence and build our external reality. 


For my people who are teetering on the edge of change, or always finding themselves looking for the 'next' thing.. I cannot wait to open up a whole new portal, and see you come home to yourself. 

The Shape Shift Masterclass Experience

Price Options
One-time purchase
Payment Option 2
2 x $44 Payments
$44.00every week for 2 weeks
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