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I alwayssss get told "Omg i love your brain!" "i love the way you see things in kids and notice patterns"

When i go through scenarios with people in Embodied Parenting, its also by far some of their favourite to learn from and listen to.


This is 32 minutes of absolute GOLD. 

This sh*t is like cordial. Its not diluted whatsoever, its juicy, its delicious and there is so much value and goodness in it. Get instant access, and listen to it cause its like the juciest podcast you'll ever hear. 


I cover: 


- Patterns in kids: picky eating & the emotional pattern reason. Its not just about wanting control. It will blow your mind. 

- Why kids put on a baby voice, or cant seem to grow out of a baby voice 

- Why things can feel or seem 'worse' before they get better when we fine tune or change our parenting to a more 'gentle' or 'conscious' approach or to an Embodied Parent ;) 

- How I use what I see in my kids now, to prepare for patterns that they may have when they are older & how I utilise the fight / flight response in them to help build a skill in adulthood

- How I am a regulated, patient, calm parent but I dont and never have done daily practises of meditation, breathwork, 'healed all my childhood triggers' etc & how I help other parents create this for themselves easily 

- How parents trying to 'teach' kids how to do things, can actually take children AWAY from learning to do them safely

- Something that parents commonly do to teach manners, but it actually affects a child's relationship to money later in life and creates an imprint (it doesnt even have anything to do with money, but results in this)

- How we actually should go with our child's resistance to things & why instead of trying to convince them to do things out of their comfort zone. I'm not saying healthy encouragement is bad, but there's something we need to MAKE SURE we do -FIRST


^ You'll never get generic answers from me that you'll see on parenting pages on social media. This is straight to the juice, perspective shifting and thought provoking. We do nothing less than that over here ;) 

Inside My Brain: Parenting Edition

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