Relationships are fascinating dynamics to explore – we’re surrounded by them! Our adult relationships tend to reflect and mirror to us many of our childhood wounds, as our first ever experience of what it means to be ‘loved’ in a relationship – is our relationship with our parents. 
They can be places of great self-discovery and healing – depending on how we use them. Relationships can also be places where all parties involved need to learn and un-learn, as in relation is where two sets of conditioning and childhood wounds come together. The work is in becoming consciously aware of each individuals conditioning, while working together and healing in a relationship. 

In addition to this, becoming parents also births new people as well as the baby. The relationship inevitably shifts, and sometimes even amazing change is accompanied by difficulties. Becoming a parent can also be triggering for both parties, as the very nature of parenting requires reflection of our own childhoods. We are given an opportunity to come together, understand each other deeper, and create a family dynamic that feels supportive of the values and environment you wish to create. 

Here we dig deep in learning effective tools on how to communicate better, how to heal within the relationship, what dynamics and conditioning we need to be aware of, understanding the psychology of infidelity, and learning what healthy relationships actually look like.  

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“I’m crying. I feel so seen and like I understand myself and my partner for the first time”