Trauma itself its different for everyone. It’s not necessarily just the ‘big events’ that happen to us, it can also be a set of conditions we had to endure that forced us into survival mode. Trauma is part of life! There’s no one that gets out of it, and this Portal is all about providing a full scope of knowledge and tools to address it. It really is a life skill for all.


We’ll be learning (and un-learning) everything to do with trauma. Starting from the basics:  what it is, what happens to our brain and our body, and how our mind and personality adapts. The foundations are so important when it comes to healing, and we will delve deep in to various tools, modalities and techniques for restoration and healing so that you can be in the driver’s seat for your own journey, and go at your own pace.


There are so many areas of our lives that our trauma affects. Our parenting, our relationships with friends and family, our work-life and businesses, our money and most primarily - our relationship to ourselves. We all have deep rooted beliefs and ways of behaving, which are often subconscious and formed from our early conditioning. The things that you will learn in this Portal, will undoubtedly change your whole life.

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“Alex.. wow. I am a whole new person since this. My relationship with myself and my thoughts is so different. I feel so much peace”