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ALCHEMISE: The Whole System
Trauma Course

The ULTIMATE trauma & imprints healing course.

Most people dabble in many different modalities and try lots of things to 'heal', yet they always feel like they're back at square one. Why? Because we lack the ability to see trauma through the lens of a system. We go to 'woo woo' spiritual, and tend to lack some masculine structure and understanding. We don't realise exactly how it formed, and which parts of the system are affected. Therefore, we struggle to reverse engineer it and understand which tools we require to heal it.

There are different tools for different parts of the system. 

You will NEVER see yourself, or trauma the same after this. It is workshop based, where we get into the nitty gritty from the get go. 

Here, we breakdown how trauma forms, what happens to the brain, the body and the personality, abnd we break down exactly what to use to heal each part of the system so that we can work out what you individually need  (rather than play guessing games based on whats trending at the time, ya feel me?). 


We're about TRUE healing here, and covering all the bases.  Trauma is part of life! There’s no one that gets out of it, and this Portal is all about providing a full scope of knowledge and tools to address it. It really is a life skill for all, and something to pass down. 

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“Alex.. wow. I am a whole new person since this. My relationship with myself and my thoughts is so different. I feel so much peace”


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